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Our goal is to help every child we work with reach his or her full potential. Contact us today to see if our therapeutic services are right for your family.

Individualized ABA Therapy Services That Change Lives

At Summit Therapeutics ABA Therapy, we believe every child with autism deserves the chance to thrive. Our passionate team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to teach vital coping and life skills to children and teens.

Our individualized ABA therapy programs help your child:

  • Improve communication and social skills
  • Manage challenging child behaviors
  • Increase independence with daily tasks
  • Build confidence and self-esteem

What We Do

We provide personalized 1-on-1 ABA therapy at our clinics in Blairsville, Cornelia, and Gainesville. Our experienced therapists also offer in-home and community-based services, allowing your child to generalize what they learn to real-world settings.

As your child’s most passionate advocates, we tailor ABA therapy to their unique needs. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, we unlock their potential to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Don’t wait to get your child the therapy they need to shine brighter. Contact Summit Therapeutics today to learn more.

What Is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is the leading evidence-based treatment for autism spectrum disorder. This highly effective approach uses positive reinforcement to motivate positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors.

Specifically, ABA therapy:

  • Breaks down desired skills into manageable steps
  • Provides rewards to motivate skill-building
  • Discourages problematic behaviors using redirection
  • Measures progress continually to track improvements
  • Generalizes skills to apply what is learned to daily life

For example, an ABA therapist may use rewards to teach a nonverbal child to request toys appropriately instead of grabbing them. Or they may practice proper greetings to improve a child’s social skills.

Decades of research support ABA as the gold standard of autism therapy. It builds real-world skills for improved independence, confidence, and quality of life. ABA’s individualized teaching methods can benefit children as young as 2 years old through adolescence.

At Summit Therapeutics ABA Therapy, our devoted ABA therapists use this transformative therapy to unlock every child’s potential. We tailor treatment plans to what motivates your child most to help them thrive.

Benefits Of Our Therapy

The compassionate and experienced therapists at Summit Therapeutics help your child reach social, emotional, and intellectual milestones. The benefits of our ABA therapy include:

  • Improved Communication: We build verbal and nonverbal communication skills essential for expressing wants and needs.
  • Better Focus and Attention: Our therapy develops crucial focus, self-control, and on-task behavior for learning.
  • Decreased Disruptive Behaviors: We reduce tantrums, aggression, and other behaviors hindering success.
  • Enhanced Social and Peer Interaction: Our therapists teach social cues and age-appropriate play for friendships.
  • Increased Independence: We build real-world abilities for reduced reliance on others long-term.
  • Higher Confidence and Self-Esteem: Mastering new skills and self-regulation fosters pride and confidence.
  • Generalization of Skills: We ensure new coping strategies transfer to school, home, and community.

When you choose our ABA therapy program, you’re giving your child the best chance to develop skills critical for relationships, education, employment, and more. We empower each child to embrace their strengths and potential.

Why Choose Summit Therapeutics?

When looking for top-quality and compassionate ABA therapy for your child, Summit Therapeutics is the right fit. Here’s why families choose our autism therapy services:

  1. Experienced, Caring Staff: Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians have years of experience helping children thrive. We build close bonds with each child and family.
  2. Customized ABA Therapy: We tailor therapy to your child’s unique needs, challenges, motivations and goals for the best results.
  3. Data-Driven Approach: We continually assess progress and adjust therapy as needed to maximize improvements.
  4. Flexible Schedule: Our therapy works around your family’s schedule at our center, your home, school, or community.
  5. Family Involvement: We train parents and caregivers to use positive ABA strategies at home for consistency.
  6. Seamless Insurance Billing: We handle insurance claims paperwork hassle-free so you focus on your child.

Therapy can be provided wherever needed- in our office, at home, school, or some variation.
We can provide virtual therapy.

When you choose Summit Therapeutics, you can trust your child is in the most capable, caring hands. Contact us today to learn more about our acclaimed ABA therapy programs.

Our Service Area

We proudly serve the North Georgia community. We have worked with children and their families in Jasper, Ellijay, Cleveland, Dahlonega, Cornelia, Ball Ground, Gainesville, Helen, Clarkesville, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee and Clayton.

Our Clinics

Below is a map showing all four of our clinic locations.

Cornelia Clinic
Summit Therapeutics LLC
144 Commerce Pkwy
Cornelia, GA 30531
Blairsville Clinic
Summit Therapeutics LLC
3196 Hwy 515 E, Unit H
Blairsville, GA 30512
Gainesville Clinic
Summit Therapeutics LLC
1856 Thompson Bridge Rd
Gainesville, GA 30501
Clarkesville Clinic

Summit Therapeutics LLC
125 Professional Park Drive
Clarkesville, GA 30523

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