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Compassionate Care, Proven Results with ABA Therapy Services

Every parent wants to see their child happy, healthy, and reaching their full potential. But when a child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental delays, families often struggle to find the comprehensive support their child needs to thrive. The caring team of clinicians at Summit Therapeutics now brings hope through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy right here to families across the Cleveland, Georgia area.

Grounded in decades of evidence and research, the principles of ABA are scientifically proven to build essential communication, social, academic, and life skills in children diagnosed with ASD or related behavioral conditions.

By using data-driven insights and positive reinforcement, Summit Therapeutics’ team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) develop fully customized ABA plans tailored to the unique interests and needs of each child. With flexible programming options built for convenience and consistent progress, Summit Therapeutics empowers families through ABA success stories one child at a time.

ABA Services Offered in Cleveland

We offer a complete range of applied behavior analysis services to meet your child right where they are most comfortable. Our flexible programming options include:

In-Home ABA Therapy

We bring customized ABA treatment right to the comfort of your Cleveland area home. Convenient 1:1 sessions encourage generalizing new skills into your regular family routines.

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Based out of our welcoming center, your child benefits from activities alongside similar peers to practice target skills in engaging group environments focused on learning.

School & Daycare ABA Therapy

Get supplementary 1:1 ABA therapy at your child’s school or daycare facility to foster classroom success through increased focus, socialization, communication and more positive behaviors throughout the demanding school day.

Community-Based ABA Therapy

Generalize social skills into real-world community settings by joining your child’s RBT on trips to local Cleveland parks, stores and restaurants to practice target skills.

Parent Training & Guidance

Our BCBAs offer customized parent training on managing challenges, effective communication techniques, understanding ABA concepts, generalizing skills across settings, giving praise/rewards, collecting data and more family education.

Our Dedicated Clinical Team

Our caring team of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavior technicians (RBTs) all meet stringent certification and training standards. Our experienced clinicians work collaboratively with each family to conduct comprehensive assessments, design personalized treatment plans, provide consistent therapy, collect and analyze data, report progress, adjust goals, and empower parents – all ensuring your child reaches their potential.

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy applies the principles of learning theory to shape behaviors and teach new skills to children through positive reinforcement. This scientifically proven intervention uses techniques like discrete trial training, incidental teaching, shaping, chaining, and more to motivate kids and break down target skills into small, achievable steps.

Data collection tracks progress so ABA goals and plans can be adjusted as needed. When implemented early with consistency, ABA therapy builds communication, social, academic, adaptive, play, and life skills. Our programming promotes independence.

The ABA Therapy Process at Summit Therapeutics

Choosing an ABA therapy provider is an important first step to progress for families seeking support. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you choose Summit Therapeutics for your child’s therapy: 

Initial Consultation

Schedule an introductory meeting at our center or your home to discuss your child’s history, challenges, and family goals. This allows us to make recommendations on the next steps. 

Insurance Verification

We confirm your coverage details and ABA therapy benefits while handling any prior authorizations needed to get services pre-approved. 

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our clinical team conducts thorough assessments evaluating your child’s skills across all areas of function using standardized tools. 

Customized Treatment Plan

Leveraging evaluation findings, your BCBA designs an individualized ABA plan aligned to your child’s unique skill set with specific targets. 

ABA Therapy Begins

Your child is paired with a consistent RBT who works with them weekly on communication, behavior, social, academic, and adaptive goals guided by the treatment plan. 

Ongoing Data Tracking & Analysis

Detailed data is collected each session to quantify progress and determine any needed adjustments to ABA goals activities or reinforcement strategies. 

Consistency for Comfort & Accelerated Progress

Maintaining a consistent therapeutic relationship between your family, BCBA and RBT provides comfort and optimizes your child’s development. 

Progress Reporting

Your BCBA provides regular updates on goal achievement, treatment plan revisions as your child evolves, and reporting to coordinate care with other providers.

Our step-by-step ABA process prioritizes understanding the whole child first so we can create the just-right programming that unlocks their potential.

Why Choose Us?

When seeking premier ABA therapy in the Cleveland area, choose the Summit Therapeutics team. Families select us because of:

  • Customized 1:1 ABA treatment plans
  • Flexible programming with proven results
  • Caring, experienced clinical team
  • Cutting-edge techniques & resources
  • Seamless insurance billing assistance
  • Parent training guidance at every step

Discover Life-Changing Progress with ABA Therapy in Cleveland

When you entrust your child’s developmental journey to Summit Therapeutics, you join the family of over 300 area households who’ve experienced the remarkable power of applied behavior analysis therapy with our caring team. Through decades of collectively enhancing lives through ABA, our experienced BCBAs and RBTs feel privileged to partner with Cleveland area families to nurture communication, confidence, skills, and independence in their unique children.

Our passion for helping every child shine through ABA shines through in personalized treatment plans, tailored programming options built for your lifestyle, compassionate support at each step, and life-changing progress parents cherish. Take the next step to connect with our team today online or give us a call so your child can start building the skills for a brighter tomorrow. From our staff to yours, we look forward to welcoming your family into our family.

About Cleveland, Georgia

Cleveland, Georgia, nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, offers a charming blend of natural beauty and small-town charm. Known for its scenic landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities, visitors can explore the nearby iconic Yonah Mountain, perfect for hiking enthusiasts seeking breathtaking views. Additionally, the Bavarian-style village of Helen is just a short drive away, providing a taste of German culture and a scenic backdrop along the Chattahoochee River.

When it comes to dining, two standout restaurants in Cleveland are “The Smith House,” a historic inn and restaurant serving Southern cuisine with a modern twist, and “Mully’s Nacoochee Grill,” known for its delectable farm-to-table dishes and cozy ambiance.

Whether you’re drawn to outdoor adventures or savoring delicious meals, Cleveland offers a delightful retreat for both locals and tourists alike.

Our Service Area

We proudly serve the North Georgia community. We have worked with children and their families in Jasper, Ellijay, Cleveland, Dahlonega, Cornelia, Ball Ground, Gainesville, Helen, Clarkesville, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee and Clayton.

Our Clinics

Below is a map showing all three of our office locations.

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Summit Therapeutics LLC
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